บทความวิชาการเกี่ยวกับอาเซียนจากวารสาร Indonesia and the Malay World (2011-2016)

เมษายน 7, 2016
บทความวิชาการเกี่ยวกับอาเซียนจากวารสาร Indonesia and the Malay World (2011-2016)

บทความวิชาการเกี่ยวกับอาเซียนจากวารสาร Indonesia and the Malay World (2011 – 2016)




Volume 44, Issue 128, 2016

The stigmatisation of widows and divorcees (janda) in Indonesian society

Lyn Parker and Helen Creese

The theory and context of the stigmatisation of widows and divorcees (janda) in Indonesia

Lyn Parker

The stigmatisation of widows and divorcees (janda) in Indonesia, and the possibilities for agency

Lyn Parker, Irma Riyani and Brooke Nolan

Presumptions of promiscuity: reflections on being a widow or divorcee from three Indonesian communities

Petra Mahy, Monika Swasti Winarnita and Nicholas Herriman

Janda PKI: stigma and sexual violence against communist widows following the 1965–1966 massacres in Indonesia

Annie Pohlman

The legal status of widows and divorcees (janda) in colonial Bali

Helen Creese

Negotiating cultural constraints: strategic decision-making by widows and divorcees (janda) in contemporary Bali

I Nyoman Darma Putra and
Helen Creese

Volume 43, Issue 127, 2015

Indonesian Women Filmmakers:

Creating a new female identity?

Yvonne Michalik

The Muslim Woman in Indonesian Cinema and the Face Veil as ‘Other’

Alicia Izharuddin

Volume 43, Issue 126, 2015

Royal Minangkabu Seals:

Disseminating authority in Malay borderlands

Annabel Teh Gallop

Muslim Mothers and Indonesian Gossip Shows in Everyday

Hanny Savitri Hartono

Volume 43, Issue 125, 2015

A Collection, A Collector,
A Scholar: E. Ulrich Kratz and his library of Malay and Indonesian literature

Arndt Graf

Volume 42, Issue 124, 2014

Retrieving the Tragic Dead in Bali: Regenerating rituals after the 1965–6 massacre

Angela Hobart

Reconceptualising Zakat in Indonesia: Worship, philanthropy and rights

Konstantinos Retsikas

‘One-way Ticket to Kuala Lumpur’:

Bosnian Muslims in Malaysia in the Early 1990

Hamza Karčić

Volume 42, Issue 123, 2014

Europe and the Malay world

Christina Skott

Linnaeus and the troglodyte

Early European encounters with the Malay world and the natural history of man

Christina Skott

Manufacturing Malayness

British debates on the Malay nation, civilisation, race and language in the early nineteenth century

Martin Müller

Hybridity and harmony

Nineteenth-century British discourse on syncretism and intercultural compatibility in Malay music

David R.M. Irving

A Russian in Malaya

Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay’s expedition to the Malay Peninsula and the early anthropology of Orang Asli

Elena Govor and
Sandra Khor Manickam

Malay – Latin of the pacific

Hugo Schuchardt’s pursuit of language mixing and creole languages in the Malay world

Isabella Matauschek


The coming of a Malay popular theatrical form

Jan van der Putten

Volume 42, Issue 122, 2014

Penghayat, orthodoxy and the legal politics of the state

The survival of Agama Djawa Sunda (Madraisism) in Indonesia

Zezen Zaenal Mutaqin

Local repertoires of reasoning and the Islamist movement in post-authoritarian Indonesia

Moh Yasir Alimi

Youth radio and colloquial Indonesian in urban Java

Howard Manns

Pigs and people in the Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak

Monica Janowski

Volume 41, Issue 121, 2013

Origins and Early History of Indonesia and the Malay World

Russell Jones

Under the Mud Volcano:

Indonesia’s mudflow victims and the politics of testimony

Phillip Drake

Imagining Kings of Rum and Their Heirs: The dynastic space of the Malay world and beyond

Vladimir Braginsky

The Politics of Heritage: Indonesia-Malaysia cultural contestations

Marshall Clark

Volume 41, Issue 120, 2013

Foreigners and Mediators in the Constitution of Malay Sovereignty

Engseng Ho

Volume 41, Issue 119, 2013

Transmission of Islamic Reform from the United States to Indonesia: Studying Fazlur Rahman’s legacy through the works of Ahmad Syafii Maarif

Ahmad Najib Burhani

Between Utopia and Real World:

Indonesia’s avant-garde new media art

Edwin Jurriëns

Falling in Love and Changing Gods: Inter-religious marriage and religious conversion in Java, Indonesia

Myengkyo Seo

An Inconvenient Birth:

The formation of a modern Kadazan culture and its marginalisation within the making of the Malaysian nation

Fausto Barlocco

Volume 40, Issue 118, 2012

Politics of Heritage in Singapore: The Malay-Muslim legacy of Kampong Glam

David Tantow

Volume 40, Issue 117, 2012

Indonesians overseas – deep histories and the view from below

Julia Martínez and Adrian Vickers

Materiality, Loss, and Redemptive Hope in the Indonesian Leftist Diaspora

Ana Dragojlovic

The ‘Spirit of Berrington House’: The future of Indonesia in wartime Australia, 1943–1945

Sean Brawley

Indonesian Women, The Women’s International Democratic Federation and the Struggle for ‘Women’s Rights’  1946–1965

Katharine McGregor

Indonesians Challenging White Australia: ‘Koepangers’ in the north Australian pearl-shell industry, 1870s to 1960s

Julia Martínez

Volume 40, Issue 116, 2012


The Religio-Political Activism of Ulama in Singapore

Mohamed Nawab
Mohamed Osman

Ceramic Sago Ovens and the History of Regional Trading Patterns in Easter Indonesia and the Papuan Coast

Roy Ellen and D. Kyle Latinis

Managing Socio-Economic Crisis in Indonesia: The role of interfaith civic organisations in Yogyakarta during the 1998 economic crisis

Jae Bong Park

Islam, Romance, and Popular Taste in Indonesia:

A textual analysis of Ayat ayat cinta by Habiburrahman El-Shirazy and Syahadat cinta by Taufiqurrahman Al-Azizy

Mohd. Zariat Abdul Rani

The London Dawn Raid and Its Effect on Malaysian Plantation Workers

Sivachandralingam Sundara Raja

Volume 39, Issue 115, 2011

Editorial: Gender and creativity in Southeast Asia

Felicia Hughes-Freeland

Dancing Bodies on Stage:

Negotiating nyawer encounters at dangdut and tarling dangdut performances in West Java

Sandra Bader

Mak Bedah Goes Shopping For a Real Candidate in Malaysia’ 2008 General Elections

Julian C.H. Lee

Volume 39, Issue 115, 2011

‘Slaves of Our Own Making’:

The fabrication of masculine identities between Java and Bali

Matteo Carlo Alcano

Gay, Lesbian, and Waria Audiences in Indonesia:

Watching homosexuality on screen

Ben Murtagh

Women’s Creativity in Indonesian Cinema

Felicia Hughes-Freeland

Rising from the Ruins:

Javanese classical dance at a reconstructed royal residence in Yogyakarta

Garrett Kam

Volume 39, Issue 114, 2011

The Artist Registry:

Tracking itinerant artists before and after Suharto’s 1965 coup d’état in the Cirebon region, West Java

Laurie Margot Ross

In Memoriam Hr Bandaharo: The exiles’ view

Dorothea Schaefter

 Call for Media Ecology :

The study of Indonesian popular culture revisited

Edwin Jurriëns

William Marsden
and Patterns of British Scholarship in the Malay Peninsula

Diana J. Carroll

Volume 39, Issue 113, 2011

The Pangolin: A multivalent memento in Indonesian art

Mary-Louise Totton

Ritual Preparation for Living:

Education in the social memory of an eastern Indonesian people

David J. Butterworth

Naming as a Dynamic Process:

The case of Javanese personal names

Jean-Marc de Grave

Memory and Material Culture:
A case study from Jambi, Sumatra

Fiona Kerlogue

Commensality and Food Prohibition: Mnemotechniques on the island of Savu, eastern Indonesia

Geneviève Duggan

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